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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Time :)

So glad to finally get some nice weather around here, the nice days have been just so far and few between! But ever since getting out last week with my extention tubes at our outing to the playground, I've been quite frankly a bit obsessed.  I went out yesterday morning, although it was quite cloudy & dreary out, I was determined. Later in the day, the sun appeared & had another outing with the kiddies to our nearby park, capturing them & a few flowers along the way....  Today, picking up what I can find in the yard to photograph, dandelions seemed to have worked out just fine.  & oh my windiness today, can I tell you how difficult it is to shoot macros in the wind, I was lucky to get what I did today :)


An azalea bush waiting to bloom



These little buds, were from our front yard tree...I was so drawn to them, because they literally were like little pom poms hanging from the bud, so pretty.


Here's an azalea saying hi to spring already :)


My Dad's little pine tree, it was about a foot high when he gave it to me just a few years ago. It had been growing out of the corner of his shed & decided to give it to me...(I'm always complaining that we simply don't have enough trees in our yard). & to think it's bigger than me now, it's thriving because it's his, I just know it.  Thaks one thing he always had a knack for that I certainly do not & that's gardening.


One of my favorite shots from yesterday morning, because as little as these little buds are, you can truly see the reds! They start off this red, change to a brilliant green all summer long, & return this lovely red once again come fall.





This post is getting excessive! Like I said, I've become borderline obsessed this past week!






& that concludes my macros for today, till next time :)


  1. Hang on I got to pick my jaw up off the floor!!! These are incredible!! Love every single one of them!!
    Have a good one!!

  2. I love flowers in theri "just about to bud" phase. Your macro shots are insanely pretty!

  3. Extension tubes are so much fun, and you are just doing wonderful with them!

  4. Love these. They are beautiful.

  5. Oh my sweet goodness. Wish I'd stopped by sooner. These shots take my breath away. Seriously. Extension tubes, eh? I've never worked with those. Can you tell me how they work? They are all so beautiful I can't even pick a fav. Seriously. WOW! Thanks so much for participating in my spring photo challenge. I do hope that you will stop by soon for my summer challenge. I'm teaming up with live and love out loud and it should be announced in a few days. Thanks again.