"The reason why we want to remember an image varies: Because we simply 'love it', or dislike it so intensely that it becomes compulsive, or because it has made us realize something about ourselves, or has brought about some slight change in us. Perhaps the reader can recall some image after seeing of which has never been quite the same."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Where did this week go?

Our Town
Our Town's...Target of course!

Something Vintage
Vintage Teddy...found him laying in an antique shop, literally a pile of junk. This shop was somewhere in the middle of PA, an old barn filled with stuff! He sits each night on my night stand, I've had him now, for about 12 years, he's truly a treasure to me :)

Dress Up
Pretty Kitty :)

Ummm, chocolate sundae :D

Complete fail at Tilt-Shift Photography

Have a great week!

Next week's items:


Friday, October 29, 2010

More of my Maddie!

I think this one is my favorite of the day :)


Silly girl! I just couldn't stop shooting her yesterday, even after spending all afternoon outside.  We came in later, the sun was still shinning & coming right through our kitchen window.  Is it me or are those green eyes slowly turning brown? Even her blond hair seems to look darker every day!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today was a good day.

I haven't gone this picture happy since Dad got sick...It was such a beautiful fall day today, I just couldn't help myself! The kids had a half day from school, we went outside to play...I seriously haven't enjoyed myself with the kids like this since before Dad had his surgery. I've been in such a state of overwhelming sense of heartache and depression...I've just had a hard time getting happy about anything lately. It's these everyday moments that I just can't take for granted. They're just too precious to me, I don't know what I would do without them! & I swear they've grown so much in just a few months time!





Make a wish Maddie! In her little voice...."I wish, I wish for a...unicorn Mommy!" Sometimes I just look at her in amazement at how precious she is to me.


People have been telling me ever since he was a baby..."does he always have a smile on his face?" The answer to that...yes, indeed! By far the happiest little boy that I've ever known :D

I've got more from today, must share later! & what a beautiful day it was...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Could be a sign?

I so wish it is...Dad's been back in the hospital fighting this infection that he contracted shortly after his surgery. It's been a whole month now since the surgery and he's not showing any signs of improvement. I just wish that he could kick this darn infection already so that he can begin his road to recovery :( I just keep hoping and praying that he can overcome this.


Anyway, seeing this rainbow today, may be a sign of's all I can do.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My go at a collage

I've never created a collage before, & figured why not give it a shot...As it is this week's topic over at the Trendy Treehouse, Shutter Love Tuesdays :o)


I've already blogged about my trip to the "Grounds for Sculpture" recently.  This sculpture had by far been my favorite! Made up of many little colorful pieces of glass, being supported by spokes.  I thought this might make for a pretty *collage.* 

Happy Tuesday & check out TT for some more very inventive collages!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

Well, here are my sad interpretations for this weeks scavenger hunt :{  But nevertheless, I was happy to complete & participate this week :)

The five senses086
The other morning, Maddie was showing Fred some lovin...With those ears, I'm sure his sense of *hearing* is amazing. Although he's probably thinking, "what the heck kid!" LOL!

Yes, we finally got to the pumpkin patch last weekend...& this was all the posing these *children* were willing to give me :P It must be their ages or something, but it's recently all been about the sillies!

I know this shot doesn't encompass *dinning*. But I really like this pic of Maddie & my lovely niece Bina together. There was such poor lighting, & armed with NO light scoop or Speedlight, was proud to have still gotten a nice shot : 0)  This was at a very nice restaurant in NYC in celebration of my sister's 30th birthday!


This was a shot taken on our recent trip to "Grounds for Sculpture."

Happy Hunting!
Visit Ashley to see some really awesome Scavenger Hunts!

Next week items:

1.My Town
2.Something Vintage
3.Tilt-Shift Photography
4.Dress Up (this could also be "in disguise")

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Its been a while that I've entered a photo challenge and I thought this one would be fun since we finally made it to the pumpkin patch last week!


Check out some more festive pumpkin patches over at *they call me mama!*

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Grounds for Sculpture"

What a surprise! It was our wedding anniversary on the 11th and darling husband has been planning this surprise dinner and excursion for weeks.  Finally this past Saturday with much anticipation, I was totally pleased to find out that we arrived at "Grounds for Sculpture!"  I had never even heard of this place before and can't believe what an amazing and fabulous place it was both for my photography "hobby/obsession" and for just shear enjoyment and pleasure...Here are some of my favorite shots from the day :)



When we got there it was mid afternoon and we had the most wonderful weather, not to mention the leaves have been changing making it even that much more scenic.


Haha, what was I thinking turning the camera over to John..but he always says "hoooney, we never have any pictures of you!"


Oh what perfect lighting..."honey will you take a picture of my silhouette?"
No not like that silly...
like this :P



My favorite sculpture of the day...tons of little glass pieces put together by spokes.

Oh no, more pictures of me, what the heck was going on this day!

Yes, and here's a lovely self portrait of us...I'm to afraid to ask a stranger to take our picture :P



Even the trees were like sculptures :)




What a lovely day, mostly I was so thankful to have a reason to pick up my camera again!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

After being in a funk for several weeks, I decided today to pick up my camera. It's a beautiful day out and the leaves are starting to change's my take on this weeks scavenger hunt.


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness this month, how appropriate a topic. Here's my Maddie, looking as pink as ever.


I didn't have much time lately to devote to photography I'm therefore unfortunately pulling this one from my archives. It was also used as *repetition* during a prior scavenger hunt.

Fall colors

This tree adorns our front yard. Given a week or so and it will be entirely a gorgeous shade of yellow.



One of my few pictures taken this past  month. Of all places, this was taken in a hospital waiting room. During my Dad's surgery we had a lovely aquarium to keep us entertained. & yes the fish were smiling ;)

Will attempt to participate! Sunday 24th items:
next week, here are your items:

1.The 5 Senses
2.Child/Children (October 2010 item)
3.Dining(October 2010 item)