"The reason why we want to remember an image varies: Because we simply 'love it', or dislike it so intensely that it becomes compulsive, or because it has made us realize something about ourselves, or has brought about some slight change in us. Perhaps the reader can recall some image after seeing of which has never been quite the same."

~ A Bit of Whimsy ~

My very own Etsy shop!
Etsy shop ~A Bit of Whimsy~.

Enjoy a bit of original artwork, drawing & sketches of all things magical.. Drawing has been a lifelong hobby of mine, & what a pleasure it is to be able to share through blogging about my pieces & the enjoyment it truly brings me.

Here's an example of what you will find over at "A Bit of Whimsy"

067 watermark

& of course, I need to talk all about it, so here you have
~A Bit of Whimsy~ the blog.