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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've Gone Snap Happy :D

I know, what else is new :P  But seriously, more so than usual... I got a new lens after Christmas & have not been able to put my camera down! Here are some of my unfortunate subjects as the result of my insanity!!!
^^see new blog header^^  Of course poor Maddie the first to feel the wrath of my obsession, I suppose she's used to it by now though. She can't even watch TV in peace.



I am in awe at all the light the 30mm 1.4 (ISO 400 1.4 SS 100) will let in. It's hard to believe it was actually snowing & soo overcast outside at this moment.


All right, all right Mommy I'll entertain you with a smile :)


Yes, this was right before school, as early as it was, the camera was I've had so many missed opportunities with Jason being away at school all day! Poor guy, I feel like he's being neglected.


After all, it was crazy hair day at school...couldn't pass this moment up!


This was the first day of the new lens, trying it out, & here you have a lovely portrait of my Maddie clinging to my leg.


& this was also in the a.m. before he headed off for school the other day. & ah yes, Fred...I suppose he doesn't mind being tortured all that much.


Here's Maddie holding her newest toy...yes, it's a Teddy bear made by me the most UNcrafty person ever. Thank you very much... she was watching an episode of Little Bear on TV, where Mother Bear makes him a stuffed toy bear, & he called him *Fisherman Bear*. Well of course, wouldn't you know, she comes to me asking "Mommy, will you make ME a Fisherman Bear?" And with those eyes, seriously, how could I say no? It was completely her idea to use an old shirt, one of her favorites, with a colorful peace sign on the front to use as material. Buttons sewed on for eyes & a nose and here you have it, Maddie with her new bear. His name is *Sam* by the way.



I simply can't imagine my life, not capturing these precious moments on film...


  1. Wow I love, LOVE your new lens! I can't believe how bright that shot is and it was snowing outside! Btw, I don't know if this is just me or not because I am reading this on my phone, but although the whole blog entry came through on my google reader, when I went to your actual site I can't see any of the text. Just wanted to let you know in case it wasn't just me.

  2. Gorgeous photos. Yes I can't see your words either. I really love your new lens.

  3. Those came out SO lovely!! I am loving the blog update, too. =D